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About Us

  • The Institute was registered as a Society in January 1983.
  • Started Operations from a rented accommodation in Delhi since April 1985 with changed name of NITHE. Continued to operate in Delhi till Sept, 2001 and thereafter shifted to its own campus at NOIDA, UP w.e.f. Oct, 2001.
  • Now the Academy organizes training for Highway Sector Engineers and professionals of Central / State Govts., Public & Private sectors
  • Also imparts training to Highway Professionals from Abroad under various training programs ? SAARC countries, Colombo Plan countries and Afro-Asian countries, etc.


  • To impart training to engineers & professionals of Highway Sector at entry level and during service at different levels of Central & State Govts., Public and Private sectors.

  • To help highway sector engineers build up character and develop an all round personality as a part of Human Resource Development

  • To assist various organizations in developing their training institutes and training of their faculty

  • To promote co-operation and foster exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience in all the sphere of highway engineering among engineers in India and Abroad

  • To imparts training to Highway sector Professionals from India and Abroad (SAARC countries, Afro-Asian countries under schemes pertaining to IAFS, ITEC, Colombo Plan, etc.)

IAHE - Mission

  • Excellence by adopting cutting edge technology for meaningful Training
  • To interact with National and International Institutions of Highway Sector for Quality Training
  • To create a well equipped Library and Depository of documents on Highways
  • Setting-up a state-of-the-art Laboratory for training and later on for R&D/Knowledge Centre in Highways
  • To promote professionalism in the Highway Sector
  • To play a catalytic role in development of State Level Training Institutes
  • Training of Trainers & Development of Trg. Materials
  • To remain a lean organisation

Mode of Training

  • Lectures
  • Case studies
  • Group discussions
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Site & Laboratory visits
  • Software packages
  • Video films

Types of Training

  • Foundation Courses for newly recruited Engineers
  • Refresher Courses at all the levels
  • Orientation Courses
  • Strategic Training
  • Specialised Areas of Highway Engineering
  • Highway Management and Administration Programmes
  • Management Development Programmes


Last updated on: 21 March 2018