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  • Registrations are open for the following listed programmes.

  • To apply, click on the particular course to view details.

Registration for the following programmes is now open:

S.No. Training/Certificate Programme Level Equivalent Date Registration Status Training Status
Road Safety and Road Safety Audit for Highways
CE/SE/EE equal
21.08.17 to 25.08.17
Asset Management for Highways
EE/AE equal
28.08.17 to 01.09.17
Contract Management, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration in Highway Projects
CE/SE/EE equal
04.09.17 to 08.09.17
Construction, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair & Rehabilitation of Bridges
EE/AE equal
11.09.17 to 16.09.17
Construction Supervision Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Road & Bridge Projects
EE/AE equal
18.09.17 to 23.09.17
Pre - Construction (LA, Env. Clearance etc.) Activities for Highway Projects
EE/AE/JE equal
04.10.17 to 06.10.17

* Academy also undertake customized training programmes to address the needs & requirements of the organizations seeking training/development of skills of its manpower in specific areas of highway sector.

For further details/queries please contact Training Executive, IAHE by email at: or call Technical Officer at +918130546667

You may send your registration form through email or fax at: 0120-2400087

This page is updated on: Aug 01, 2017